10 September 1992
African National Congress (ANC) President Nelson Mandela accepted an invitation for urgent talks with State President F.W. de Klerk on political violence. Cyril Ramaphosa said he was prepared to meet Roelf Meyer, Minister of Constitutional Development, immediately, to prepare for a summit between the two leaders. He emphasised that ANC attendance at such a meeting depended on the government meeting certain conditions. The two met on three occasions between 14 and 24 September 1992, discussing three specific ANC preconditions: the surveillance of migrant worker hostels; a ban on the public display of dangerous traditional weapons and the release of political prisoners. It was believed by those close to the discussions that the main stumbling block was the identification of political prisoners. In spite of that Ramaphosa and Meyer issued a joint statement announcing that the talks had progressed well, paving the way for Mandela and De Klerk to meet and sign a record of understanding.

Keesing's Records of World Events, News Digest for September 1992, p 39078