30 August 1988
The South African government withdrew its military forces from Angola that have been fighting on the side of Jonas Savimbi led guerrilla forces UNITA. The withdrawal came as a result of South Africa losing an interest to engage in battles in Angola and South West Africa (later renamed Namibia). The South African government involvement in the Angolan battles was influenced by the intention to weaken the South West African People Organisation (SWAPO), and to thwart any effort of strong communistic influence between the former and Cuba, which was likely to pose a serious threat to the South African government control over South West Africa. After the secession of the SA troops, a consensus was struck between three countries SA, Cuba and Angola. The consensus called for the withdrawal of the Cuban troops from Angola and also paved the way for the Namibia's independence. References: http://www.zine5.com/archive/jesu21.htm Wallis, F. (2000). Nuusdagboek: feite en fratse oor 1000 jaar, Kaapstad: Human & Rousseau.