31 May 1994
On 31 May 1994, the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations, Chief Emeka Anyaouku told reporters at the Commonwealth Headquarters in London, that South Africa would resume its membership of the Commonwealth, effective on 1 June 1994. The Commonwealth is a voluntary organization of independent countries; most of these countries are British colonies. South Africa withdrew its membership in 1961 under the leadership of Dr. Verw oerd. References: Commonwealth, (1994), ‘The Commonwealth of Nations,’ [online] Available at http://cnrsociety.org/Commonwealth_Today.pdf , [Last accessed: 05 May 2011] O'Malley, P.(1994), ‘1994,’ from Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, [online] Available at www.nelsonmandela.org , [Last accessed: 5 May 2011]