21 May 1985
During the raid on the Cabinda oil refinery, Angola, on the 21 May 1985, Capt. Wynand du Toit was taken captive, and two other South African commandoes were killed. The rest of the commando unit evacuated successfully. According to sources this mission was part of an operation to confirm the existence of a large African National Congress (ANC) and South West African People's Organization (SWAPO)  base. The South African Aerial Reconnaisance had failed to pick up that the area was surrounded by camoflaged bases of the Angolan defence forces, reinforced by East European and Cuban troops. Angolan sentries patrolling the area close to the bases, noticed signs of an incursion, and investigated. This resulted in the reconnaisance teams being discovered and coming under heavy fire. During this firefight, Corporal van Breda and Corporal Liebenberg were killed, while Capt. Du Toit was captured. The rest of the Commando team were able to evacuate successfully. According to Angolan sources, the main aim of this commando team was to blow up the Cabinda oil fascilities in order

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