Transkei Defense Force topples Transkei Bantustan leader George Matanzima, but denies coup



Thursday, 1 October 1987

George Matanzima, brother of Kaiser Matanzima and leader of the Transkei Bantustan, was toppled by his military and forced to flee from the Transkei after a bloodless coup led by Defence Force Chief Major-General Bantu Holomisa. The army denied taking part in any coup and announced that ministers who resigned were not forced to resign. Holomisa also announced that Matanzima did not run away from Transkei but was on sick leave in Port Elizabeth. The coup came when Transkeians were anticipating a commissioned report on high-level government corruption implicating George Matanzima.

Further reading:

ANC article titled 'The Rise and Fall of Bantu Holomisa.



• (1987). " Iron-man George Matanzima flees T'Kei (sic) ", Weekly Mail: Vol 3. No 38. p.1  

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