14 July 1998
Underlying political tensions between supporters of the African National Congress (ANC) and Inkatha Freedom Party resurfaced in KwaZulu Natal in the late 90's. In order to prevent open hostilities the ANC, IFP and United Democratic Movement (UDM) convened a meeting in Richmond - a hotbed of violence. The Local Transitional Council was to lead the proceedings. Anger arose over the inclusion of Sifiso Nkabinde, who had been expelled by the ANC for his involvement in the very violence under discussion. This was made worse by the choice of ANC member and MEC of Safety and Security Nyanga Ngubane to chair the meeting. The meeting took place on 14 July 1998. Following the session, violence broke out and ten people were reported to have been killed, including two prominent ANC members from Richmond. Both parties were criticised for the violence and accused of false motives as well as not having control over members. Sources: Baloyi, J. S. (2002). An Investigation into Political Violence and Vigilante activities in KwaZulu - Natal, 1985 - 1994, Pretoria: University of Pretoria http://www.ifp.org.za/Archive/Releases/140798bpr.htm