Alfred Khumalo

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Alfred Khumalo


Journalist and photographer for Drum magazine

First name: 
Last name: 
Date of birth: 
5 September 1930
Location of birth: 
Alexandra, Johannesburg, Gauteng (then Transvaal), South Africa
Date of death: 
21 October 2012

Alfred "Alf" Khumalo was born in Johannesburg and matriculated at the WiIberforce Institute in Evaton.

Khumalo began his working career as a journalist in 1951, freelancing for Bantu World, where he took photographs to illustrate his stories. In 1956, Khumalo found a permanent position at the Golden City Post.

As a young man, Khumalo was intrigued by the impact of pictures, and their ability to “freeze moments in time”. Khumalo had experienced this ability as a child, and this childhood obsession encouraged him to pursue a career in photography.

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