According to documentation related to his banishment order, in 1965, after the death of Chief Zombizwe, Ntunja Mngomezulu was appointed chief of the Mngomezulu community in the Ingwavuma district, Natal [now KwaZulu-Natal], after which unrest followed.

An inquiry found that Ntunja was not the rightful heir.  Ntunja fled to Swaziland and had since then terrorized the community from his base in Swaziland.  There was an attack on the chief, which left him paralysed for life. 

No one was willing to testify for fear of their lives, which made legal action difficult.  No one was also willing to be acting chief, with the result that administration had fallen apart.  

The names of the alleged followers of Ntunja Mngomezulu were said to be known and hence orders were issued for five people: Bhungwana Saul Mngomezulu, Mbalekelwa Mngomezulu, Mkhubo Mngomezulu, Sondeza Lugogo Mngomezulu, and Mzondeki Makhunga.

Bhungwana Saul Mngomezulu was the brother of the late Chief Zombizwe and a dipping bowl assistant.  He was accused of being involved in the fraudulent appointment of Ntunja Mngomezulu; of playing an instrumental role in the stock thieving; of providing arsenic to Ntunja’s followers in order to poison the opposition; of being in Swaziland for meetings and of helping to collect money.   

He was banished to Corridor Block, Port Shepstone District, Natal, on 19 August 1974. 

A confidential memo states that Bhungwana Saul Mngomezulu died during October 1976.

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