Captain Lancelot Andrew Elsworth Ariba was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1891. He served in World War I with distinction and late studied architecture in Leeds and at the RA Schools 11 London. His ideals were based on the notion of a symbiotic relationship between the artist and the architect in solving the problems peculiar to modern architecture (W.H.K. ed 1933:162). He had worked with Sir Edwin Lutyens on the plans for New Delhi and was later transferred to the Cap'e Town office of Sir Herbert Baker. As an artist he often chose subjects that showed his interest in Cape-Dutch architecture. Like F.K. Kendall his artistic reputation has not survived, and his chief legacies are architectural. They include the restoration of Vergelegen  for Sir Lionel Phillips; his work at Noordhoek Manor with Baker for Sir Drummond Chaplin and the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Stations. From 192 he and his partner C.P. Walgate designed the Diocesai College Memorial Chapel, the buildings at Kirstenbosci Gardens, the Bolus Herbarium at UCT, and this Colonial Mutual Life Building in Durban, which in the 1930 was the tallest building in SA. In Cape Town he was a well known personality in the 1940s. He was a President of bod the CPIA and SASA.

Exhibitor on SASA-related exhibitions c.1898 - 1950: 1924: SASA 23rd Annit; Exh., Drill Hall, Darling St., 28 Jan. 1924: SASA 24th Annual Exh., RH, Cit Hall, 4 Dec. 1941: SASA 38th Annual Exh., SANG, 17 Feb. - 31 Mar. 1943 SASA Winter Exh., MMG.14 -25 Sep. 1944: 41st Annual Exh. o/SA Contem); Art, org. by SASA with other Societies, SANG, 25 Feb.

Curriculum vitae

1945: 42nd Annual Ed ofContemp. SA Art, org. by SASA, MMG, 6 - 20 Apr. 1945: SASA Member. Exh., Ashbey's Gall., Church St., 10 - 24 Sep. 1946: 43rd Annual Exh. T Contemp. SA Art, arr. by SASA in ass. with the NSA, MMG, 5 - 23 Apr. 194( SASA Members' Exh., Ashbey, Gall., Church St., 6 - 20 Sep. 1947: 44th Anâ„¢ Exh. of Contemp. SA Art, arr. by SASA, MMG, 11-26 Apr. 1947: SA& Members' Annual Exh., MMG, 9 - 22 Sep. 1948: SASA 45A Annual Ed. MMG, 20 Apr. - 1 May. 1949: SASA 46th Annual Exh., MMG, 22 Apr. : May. 1950: SASA Members' Annual Exh., MMG, 30 Aug. - 12 Sep.

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