Eric Miller  was born 19th of May 1955 in Cape Town,He grew up in Johannesburg. After graduating with a BA (Hons) in psychology from UNISA in 1981 he entered the corporate sector. Frustrated with the media’s misuse of power he left the corporate world in the mid-1980s and joined Afrapix. During this time he began documenting the struggle against apartheid for progressive publications including the Weekly Mail and New Nation. He also spent three years working for Reuters from 1988.

In the 1980s, he documented the struggle against apartheid and since the 1990s he has covered various aspects of the transformation process in South Africa, as well as travelling extensively across Africa on assignment for various European publications.

Miller has worked on a range of assignments, from news-related stories covering the horrors of the Rwandan genocide and famine in Sudan, to human interest features such as women's boxing, the training of sangomas and evocative essays capturing highlights of several dance and opera productions.

He has worked in over 26 African countries, plus many others further afield, producing an extensive archive of documentary stock and some travel images from countries including Botswana, Cuba, Congo (DRC), Liberia, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Eritrea, Rwanda, Senegal, Sudan, Uganda, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

He has covered events including the Rwandan genocide, famine in Sudan and child soldiers and abductions in northern Uganda. Miller works largely around issues of health, human rights and social development.Having spent several years working for the wire services, Reuters & AP, Miller now works as a freelancer.

Miller works mostly on assignment for a variety of European newspapers and magazines, as well as for both South African and international NGOs.His work has been published in most major magazines in South Africa and is regularly used in a range of major publications across Europe and the United States.

Miller's photographs featured in the following books: 

Eric Miller (photos). Thula Baba. Johannesburg: Ravan Press, 1987
Eric Miller (photos). Thula Baba. Johannesburg: Ravan Press, 1987


Beyond The Barricades (1989)
Beyond The Barricades, 1989
Görrel Espeluend and Jesper Strudsholm (text), Eric Miller (photos). Reality Bites: An African Decade. Cape Town: Double Storey, 2003
Görrel Espeluend and Jesper Strudsholm (text), Eric Miller (photos). Reality Bites: An African Decade. Cape Town: Double Storey, 2003

Gillian Warren-Brown and Yazeed Fakier (text), Eric Miller (photos). Cape Town Uncovered: A People's City. Cape Town: Double Storey, 2005. ISBN 978-1-919930-75-6 -
Gillian Warren-Brown and Yazeed Fakier (text), Eric Miller (photos). Cape Town Uncovered: A People's City. Cape Town: Double Storey, 2005.


Eric Miller (photos), Karen Jeynes (text). Fab: Mother City Queer Projects. Roggebaai: Umuzi, 2007
Eric Miller (photos), Karen Jeynes (text). Fab: Mother City Queer Projects. Roggebaai: Umuzi, 2007


Paul Weinberg, ed. Then and Now: Eight South African Photographers. Johannesburg: Highveld, 2008
Paul Weinberg, ed. Then and Now: Eight South African Photographers. Johannesburg: Highveld, 2008


Leonie Joubert (text), Eric Miller (photos). The Hungry Season: Feeding Southern Africa’s Cities. Johannesburg: Picador Africa, 2012
Leonie Joubert (text), Eric Miller (photos). The Hungry Season: Feeding Southern Africa’s Cities. Johannesburg: Picador Africa, 2012
Jo-Anne Smetherham (text), Eric Miller (photos). The Nevergiveups: The Extraordinary Life Stories of Six South African Grandmothers. N.p.: CreateSpace, 2013
Jo-Anne Smetherham (text), Eric Miller (photos). The Nevergiveups: The Extraordinary Life Stories of Six South African Grandmothers. N.p.: CreateSpace, 2013


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