He was born in Durban. From 1950 to 1959 he attended the Lourenco Marques High School, which changed its name first to Sibonenlo High School, and which is currently called the Bantuvukani Primary School. 

His parents were teachers; his daughter, Jabu, recalls that her grandfather, Julius, wrote a book of poems called Umlondolozi, which is now lost.

He received no formal training in art and was self-trained as a sculptor. According to his daughter one of the professors at the UN(D) arranged exhibitions of his work, the most successful of which was held at the Raven Press art gallery in Berea Road, Durban. He exhibited sculptures in wood on that exhibition. He carried out a commission of large concrete sculptures (which were never completed) at the Umlazi Glebe Tavern. In 1976 he was also commissioned to carve a wooden sculpture for the Roman Catholic Church at Nongoma, KZN. He is represented in the CC, UN(D).

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