Jannie Momberg was born in Cape Town, Stellenbosch on the 27th July 1938 and matriculated at Paul Roos Gymnasium. He later studied at Stellenbosch University where he is reputed to have been a ladies’ man, a socialite and-rebel. It is believed that as a young man he befriended B. J. Vorster’s daughter, thereby developing a close relationship with the party’s Head. As a result of being a motor-mouth, Momberg was then nicknamed “Jan Bek”.

Jannie Momberg was a member of the Nationalist Party since 1957, and rose through the ranks to become one of its distinguished parliamentarians. Little is known of his early years in the party. However, it does appear that he did not make a remarkable impression. Momberg was to become more visible in the late 1970s and through to his passing away in 2011. During this time he had become one of the founding members of the Democratic Party. This was in 1989. After the unbanning of the ANC in 1991 Momberg joined, becoming a member of the Executive Committee of the ANC in the Western Cape in 1992.

Through his influence within the ANC he then became one of the first representatives of the ANC in Parliament in 1994. During 1994 – 2001 Momberg served his time as the ANC House WHIP and Chairperson of the Programming Committee. He imparted numerous parliamentary skills to the ANC.

After 2001, Jannie Momberg became the Ambassador to Greece in which he served South Africa with utmost excellence in the promotion of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Many of his other accomplishments included, being President of the South African Athletics Association and President of the Boland Cricket Union. Jannie had also mastered the art of wine making.

Due to his tireless effort and excellence in the promotion of diplomatic relations between South Africa and Greece, Momberg was awarded the Medal of the City of Athens by the mayor of that city.

At the time of his death Momberg had left politics and was involved in his businesses. Jannie Momberg died in Cape Town of a heart attack after watching the five-day cricket test against India from the VIP box in Newlands Stadium, Cape Town. He is survived by his Wife, four sons and five grandchildren.

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