John Ndevasia Muafangejo was born on 5 October 1943 in Etunda lo Nghadi, Ovamboland, Angola. In 1956 Muafangejo moved to die Anglican mission station at Epinga in South West Africa/Namibia. He started receiving formal education at the mission 'bush school' mere. In 1963 he moved to the Onamunama Holy Cross mission school where he completed Standard III and men to Saint Mary's Anglican mission, Odibo where he completed Standard VI. There his talent was recognised by Father Mallory who arranged for him to study at Rorke's Drift beginning in 1967.

After eighteen months there, he was admitted to Madadeni hospital, Newcastle and treated for nervous exhaustion. He returned to Rorke's Drift and was able to complete his course within the prescribed two years. In 1970 he returned to Odibo and taught art at the mission school there for the following four years.

In 1974 he was invited back to Rorke's Drift as an 'artist-in-residence.' Muafangejo returned to Ovambo in 1976 and a collection of his prints, selected by Walter Battiss, was published. In 1977 the artist moved to Windhoek. In 1986 lie began constructing a small house for himself in Katutura which he completed the following year. In 1987 he was selected as the Guest Artist for die 1988 Standard Bank National Arts Festival. He died suddenly in late on 27 November 1987 in Katutura Township adjoining Windhoek.


1968: DAM (Rorke's Drift).

1969: Camden Arts Centre, London, UK (Contemporary African Art).

DAM (Art SA Today).

1969-70: Canada””tour,

1970: National Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (group).

1971: Windhoek Kunstkabinett (solo).

1972: Sao Paulo, Brazil (Biennale).

1973: DAM (Art SA Today).

1974: Diakonia House, Johannesburg (Black Art, sponsored by

the Programme for Social Change and Devcraft).

1976: SAAA Johannesburg (Rorke's Drift).

Brooklyn Museum and Public Library, New York, USA

(Black SA Contemporary Graphics).

1977-8: West Germany (SA Graphic Art). 1980: Finland.

1981: Durban (Republic Festival Exhibition).

1983: Frechen, West Germany (International Graphic Exhibition).

1985: Grahamstown (Standard Bank National Arts Festival -group). Windhoek (Stanswa Biennale).

1986: Gallery 21 (solo; Contemporary African Art Selections

from the Pelmama Permanent Art Collection).

1987: Market Gallery .Johannesburg (solo; group).

WITS (group),

TAG (Rorke's Drift Fine Art School in Retrospect).

SANG (Contemporary SA Prints and Drawings).

1988: JAG (Vita Art Now).

Standard Bank National Arts Festival, Grahamstown; JAG



1981: Republic Festival, Durban (joint winner of graphic award).

1983: International Graphic Competition, Frechen, Germany

(one of seven prizewinners).

1985: Stanswa Biennale, Windhoek (most outstanding artist).

1987: Vita Art Now Award (second quarter joint winner).

1988: Standard Bank National Arts Festival (Guest Artist Award).


Anne Brvant Art Gallery, East London; DAM; JAG; KC; King



Sack, S. (1988). The Neglected Tradition, Johannesburg: Johannesburg Art Gallery.

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