Kagiso Patrick (called Pat) Mautloa was born 24 September 1952 in Ventersdorp, Western Transvaal. Mautloa's family moved to Soweto in 1954. He attended Mehlaleng Lower Primary School, Fred Clarke Higher Primary School, Leratong Higher Primary School and Morris Isaacson High School all in Soweto. While still at high school, Mautloa studied art at the Jubilee Art Centre in 1969 and 1970 and at Mofolo Park Arts Centre. When he left school in 1972 he continued studying at Mofolo until 1975. He worked as an insurance clerk until 1977. In 1970 he was awarded an OK Bazaars Bursary which he took up at Rorke's Drift where he studied for two years beginning in 1978. In 1980 he began working for the OK Bazaars as a junior graphic artist and during this time also taught art part-time at the Mofolo Arts Centre and at FUBA. In 1981 Mautloa joined the SABC as a graphic designer. Mautloa is a committee member of the Thupelo Art Project and has participated in the yearly workshops. His work has been exhibited at the UFH Annual Exhibitions and the UZ African Art Festival Exhibitions. He currently lives in Alexandra, and produces commerical graphic design as well as his own art work. He is married to artist Bongi Dhlomo.


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