Kisten Moonsamy

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trade unionist, member of the Natal Indian Congress, South African Communist Party, Unit Commander in the Natal Command of Umkhonto weSizwe, Robben Island Prisoner, banned person, political prisoner 

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Act No. 44 of 1950 Sec. 9 (1)<br><em>Issued Period(s)</em> [28 Feb. 1978 to 28/2/1983]
Restricted to Pinetown, Durban. Convicted with 18 others and sentenced to 14 yrs. imprisonment in Feb. &#8217;64 for sabotage; banned on his release; former member of the NIC.

Kisten “Zed” Moonsamy was part of a remarkable generation of working class activists who grew from the Natal Indian Congress (NIC) to become a formidable force in the struggle against apartheid in the ranks of the South African Communist Party (SACP) and Umkhonto weSizwe (MK).

• Pamphlet issued by the African National Congress, kwaZulu-Natal Province at the funeral service of Kisten “Zed” Moonsamy, held at the Aryan Benevolent Home, Chatsworth on 25 April 2015

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