Lionel Forman

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journalist, author, barrister and member of the COD and SACP

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02-October 1959

Born in 1926 in Rosettenville Forman was a barrister and a journalist. He was author of the first book on the trial, 'You Can Hang For Treason'. Forman headed the South African Student delegation to international conferences. He was also an editor of Advance and New Age and a co-author of 'The South African Treason Trial ' and a member of the South African Congress of Democrats, as well as a member of the Communist Party of South Africa. He was an accused in the 1956 Treason Trial. His indictment was quashed in 1959. Lionel Forman died in October 1959.

• From Protest To Challenge, Political Profiles Volume 4, p29

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