Mafolisi Mabiya (28) was from Dutywa in the Eastern Cape. He started working for Lonmin in 2007.

On 16 August 2012 Mafolisi was killed at scene 2 after being shot in the back of his head by the police.

He left behind his young wife and two children, including a new-born baby. He was also financially supporting his mother and niece at the time of his death.

According to his wife, Phumeza Nosikholise Mabiya, "On the 18 th [my neighbours and my husband's cousin] came back and told me they found my husband in Phokeng Mortuary, they told me he was also shot and killed on the 16 th by police. I cried, I was very hurt and devastated, so many things came on my mind, so many questions but I had no answers."

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