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Matsobane was a activist in the Krugersdorp, who played a fundamental role in the revival of the PAC in this area as well as the June 16th uprising. He was sentenced to imprisonment at Robben Island for these activities. 

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Robben Island
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1118 Bathoeng Drive<br>kagiso<br>luipersvlei

The Matsobane brothers, Mike and Dan, aided the revival of the PAC in Krugersdorp. Their efforts fell under the non-political YACM (Young African Christian Movement) whereby they encouraged the appromicxated 200-300 members to live a Godly life. The brothers had been PAC members and sentenced to imprisonment for POQO activities. The brothers contribution to the struggle has been documented in books such as "The Road to Democracy" as well as "The Bethal Trails...where do we begin". 

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