Mohamed (Bob) Suleman Asmal

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Commerical traveller, executive member of the Transvaal Indian Congress and a member of the Evaton People’s Transport Council.

First name: 
Mohamed (Bob) Suleman
Last name: 
Date of birth: 
Location of birth: 
Piet Retief
Date of death: 
12 December 1966
Location of death: 

Mohamed (Bob) Suleman Asmal was born in 1923 in Piet Retief.  He was accused in the Treason Trial, and the trial that was run parallel to this, namely the 1955-1956 Evaton bus boycotts. He was charged with public violence, murder and other charges together with three fellow treason trialists.

In June 1957, Judge Kuper acquitted him of charges when the Treason Trial adjourned. However, charges against Bob and the 64 accused in the Treason Trial were only withdrawn in January 1958.

Following the Sharpeville Massacre on 21 March 1960, Bob was detained for five months, without any charges being brought against him during the state of emergency that was declared.

In 1963, he was detained under the 90-day law and again released with no charges being brought against him. 

On 6 February 1964, he was banned for five years.  At this time he earned his living as a butcher in Vereeniging. His inability to leave his area of restriction to buy meat seriously affected his business. 

Bob died in Evaton on 12 December 1966 before the end of his banning order. 

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