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TIC activist, member of COP National Secretariat, Treason trialist, 90 day detainee, MK member, editor of Spotlight, ANC Chief Representative in India, head of the ANC’s Egypt and Middle East mission and the ANC representative to the Afro-Asian P

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Moosa “Mosie”
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North West,South Africa

Moosa “Mosie” Moolla was born in the small, (then) western Transvaal town of Christiana on 12 June 1934 where his father ran a successful import-export business. The family was forced to relocate to Bloemhof, a nearby town, following the Great Depression of the 1930s. Mosie did his primary schooling in Bloemhof. Since there were no high schools catering for blacks, Mosie was forced to move to Johannesburg in 1949 to pursue his secondary education. 

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