Reverend Cedric Radcliffe Mayson, a former Methodist Minister was  restricted to Johannesburg. In 1973 he joined the staff of the Christian Institute and two years later became the editor of its monthly magazine,He was the editor of the Christian Institute journal, Pro Veritate. He was banned at the same time as the Reverend Beyers Naude and others.  Reverend Mayson was detained in December 1976 for a short period.After training and working briefly as an architect,he emigrated to South Africa as a Methodist minister in 1953 and became a South African citizen.For 20 years he ministered to congregations in Natal,the Transkei and the Transvaal,gradually becoming aware of the contradictions between apartheid and his personal beliefs.


Gail M. Gerhart, Teresa Barnes, Antony Bugg-Levine, Thomas Karis, Nimrod Mkele .From Protest to Challenge 4-Political Profiles (1882-1990)

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