Mr Solomon Modipane was another of the Bakwena tribesman .He was detained on 25 February 1969 and held under section 6(1) of Terrorism Act at the Silverton police station.He died three days later in the HF Verwoerd Hospital.The head of the CID said that Mr Modipane had received 'certain injuries' when he slipped on a piece of soap,but that this was not necessarily the cause of death. The district surgeon was unable to determine the cause of death.

On 23rd May a magistrate endorsed the post-mortem report that death was due to natural causes and found that no inquest was necessary.Later in the same year,six others who had been detained with Messrs Kgoathe and Modipane were charged in the Pretoria supreme court with sabotage and alternatively with attempted murder and arson.All six were acquitted.


Behind Closed Doors. By Shireen Motala .South African Institute Race Relations.1987.

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