Stanley Basil  Lollan was born in Johannesburg in 1925, he became one of the few significant coloured activists in the Transvaal in the 1950s. A clerk by occupation, he was secretary of the South African Coloured People's Organisation in the Transvaal in the mid-1950s and was a defendant in the Treason Trial for its full length, from 1956 to 1961. He moved to Swaziland after 1961.He worked  as a clerk at the Industrial Council for the Clothing Industry.

In December 1956 Lollan was among the 156 people arrested and charged with treason.He was  the sole coloured person to be held the full length of the trial which ended in the acquittal of the final 28 accused on March29, 1961.Later in 1961,Lollan fled to Swaziland which was still a British protectorate.SA police followed him there and assaulted him.He acquired British citizenship and eventually moved to England.In 1987, after surviving a stroke, he was brought back by his brother to South Africa where he died a few months later.

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