Stanley Bongani Nkosi was born on 25 November 1945 in Newcastle, Natal. When Nkosi was three years old his family moved to Dukhatole tear Germiston in the Transvaal. He attended school in Gerpiston, Swaziland and Newcastle and attained his Junior Certificate.

Nkosi studied sculpture as a private student with Peter Hayden. After he moved to Johannesburg in 1962 he studied privately with Cecil Skotnes and became a decorator of lamp bases at the Artlite factory. In 1973 he became a full-time artist. 11974 he travelled to London and met former British Prime Cluster, Harold Macmillan and Henry Moore. He attended the London School of Art for two months. In 1980 he visited New Zealand and the USA where he appeared on television severalty times. In 1981 he again visited the USA at the invitation of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. In 1982 Nkosi built an Art Galley in Katlehong.


1970: Hopman Gallery, Glenhazel (solo).

Gallery Elysia, Johannesburg (Africa Art Project-group).

1972: Gallery 21 (solo).

1974: ABC Art Gallery, Paris, France.

Rome, Italy (group ”” organised by Gallery 21).

Ansdell Gallery, Leicester Square, London, UK (solo).

National Arts Society Johannesburg (African Art).

Gallery International, Cape Town (group).

Downstairs Gallery, Benoni.

Schweikerdt Gallery, Pretoria (solo).

1975: Gallery 21 (solo).

Cape Town (group ”” organised by Gallery 21).

Gallery 21, London, UK (group).

1976: Uniefees School Hall, Pretoria (group).

1978: ABC Art Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (solo).

1979: SAAA (group). Marico Moon, Johannesburg (group).

1979-80: SAAA Johannesburg (Renaissance II 79).

1980: ABC Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand.

New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, USA (group).

University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA (Black Heritage Exhibition).

|981: University of Omaha; Lincoln University; Great Plains Museum; First Federal Bank of Lincoln City, USA

Gallery 21 (Haenggi Foundation National Art Competition Exhibition).


1974: Annual Young and Promising British Artists Competition,

Bourne mouth, UK (first prize).

1978: Awarded Wildlife Trophy on Art competition in Atlanta, USA

Oklahoma Wildlife of the World Competition, USA (first prize).

1980: Black Heritage Exhibition at Nebraska University, Omaha, USA (best artist trophy).




Sack, S. (1988). The Neglected Tradition, Johannesburg: Johannesburg Art Gallery.


The Neglected Tradition, Johannesburg: Johannesburg Art Gallery.

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