Chief Daantjie Nkosi, Victor Nkosi’s father, was accused of encouraging his followers to “squat” on South African Development Trust land adjoining his area in Matsulu, Transvaal (KaNgwane Bantustan) [now Mpumalanga Province].

However, this land, which Chief Nkosi believed to be traditionally his, was allocated for settlement to another Chief, TS Dlamini, whose followers were “squatting” on white farms on the outskirts of Matsulu Township.  The KaNgwane Executive Council, to which Chief Dlamini belonged, called for Chief Daantjie Nkosi’s banishment.


• Contribution by Professor S. Badat on Banishment, Rhodes University, 2012. From the book, Forgotten People - Political Banishment under Apartheid by Professor S. Badat

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