Victor Poto was born in 1897 at Libode in western Pondoland, attended Healdtown and the' South African Native College (later Fort Hare), and was installed as paramount chief of western Pondoland in 1918. He was progressive as a chief, introducing improvements in agriculture, education, and legal administration. He was a leading figure in the Pondoland General Council in the late 1920s and in the succeeding United Transkeian Territories General Council. From 1937 until 1951 he was a nominated member of the NRC, representing the Transkei. As leader of the official opposition to chief Kaiser Matanzima's ruling Transkei National Independence Party from 1963 until his retirement in 1966, Poto stood for the principle of multiracialism as opposed to apartheid. He died in 1974.

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