William Mtsologane was one of the six along with Jeremiah Rakoko Mabe, accused of various offences arising from conflict in Mabieskraal (Pilansberg), Rustenburg District, Transvaal (now North West Province).

An order of 9 September 1949 banished Mtsologane, this order was revoked on 14 May 1952 on the basis that the Natives concerned were not afforded the opportunity of showing cause why they should not be removed,” the Supreme Court rejected another order of 19 December 1955, which banished him from Rustenburg to Vryburg, Transvaal (now North West Province).

Following an amendment to the 1927 Native Administration Amendment Act,Mtsologane was then banished to Driefontein Native Trust Farm,Vryburg District, Transvaal(now North West Province) on 6 June 1956. There is no evidence of his order of 6 June 1956 being revoked.


• Contribution by Professor S. Badat, Rhodes University, 2012. From the book, Forgotten People - Political Banishment under Apartheid by Professor S. Badat

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