The 'Herengracht Street' was Cape Town's main street, running from the foreshore to the foot of Government Avenue. In 1850, its name was changed to Adderley Street in honour of Charles B Adderley, a British member of Parliament who supported the Colony's successful campaign against British plans to turn the Cape into a convict station. Adderley was similarly honoured by Port Elizabeth.

Cape Town's iconic Adderley Street runs parallel to St George’s Mall. It starts at the Foreshore and ends in Government Avenue, an oak-tree lined street, running along the boundary of the Company's Garden.

There is a flea market on the Adderley Street side of the Railway Station, most of the stall holders are from North Africa and South African neighbouring Countries. You can buy a whole spectrum of goods here, including food, and it has many is a tourist attractions within walking distance.

The Golden Acre stands on the corner of Strand and Adderley Street, and it is here that underground buildings and building canals were discovered when excavating the site for the large glass office block. This intersection has been excavated and underground malls full of shops make for some interesting shopping - these are the main malls of the City Centre and stretch along the area from the station to St George’s Mall.

Adderley Street is beautifully decorated with lights, every Christmas with street lights, it is also the site of the popular Street Night Market over Christmas with an array of stalls and some great entertainment.

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