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A rural town some 91km north of Grahamstown, Eastern Cape! The area of Adelaide, was first inhabited by bushmen, estamated about the year 1530-1760. In the late 18th and 19th century the Xhosa and White Settlers arrived. The Bushmen were displaced and no longer found in the area. A British officer named Captian Alexander Boswell Armstrong, (1787-1862). Founded a military post there and named it Fort Adelaide in 1834. After the wife of King William IV. Despite the earlier English settlers, who were part of the 1820 Settlers later on, a large numbers of both Scottish and Afrikaans people soon immigrated here too. The Scottish were the first to erect a church in the area. Adelaide gradually attained municipal status in 1896. Today there is a population of over 12 000 people!

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