Town at the Southern foot of Aggeneys Mountains, about 60 km West of Pofadder. It has been suggested that the name is derived from the Nama language, meanings include "Place of blood", "Place of Red Clay" or "Place of Reeds". Aggeneys the town, originated on a farm of the same name, to service the Black Mountain Mine, which currently employ 600 permanent staff! This zinc/lead/copper/silver mine is just to the west of the town. The produce of the mine is transported by truck to the nearest railway line, which is 150 km away along a gravel road! A major zinc deposit has been identified in the nearby Gemsberg inselberg, also set to be mined. The range of hills, mountains and inselbergs in the area display some of the most diverse and complex geology in Southern Africa, including some of the richest known concentrations of copper, lead and zinc. The writer; William Charles Scully wrote that; "for sheer uncompromising humility and for stark grotesque naked horror, these mountains stand probably unsurpassed on the face of the Globe." Close by is the Mountain of Ghamsberg, which is thought to house some of the last known indigenous Bushman tribes!

The town has an airstrip known as the Aggeneys Airport. No scheduled flights operate to and from this airstrip though!

18° 30' 36", -29° 41' 60"

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