Town in the Wonderboom district, 3 km from North of Pretoria North, now known as Tshwane. It obtained Municipal status on the 1 October 1984. Akasia is Afrikaans, referring to the Acacia trees, which are indigenous to the Area.

The first Suburb to be built in Akasia, was The Orchards. The Orchards was established as a Residential Township in 1904 and an old Dutch-Reformed Church, was in the center of the Neighborhood. As the City of Pretoria grew in light of industrial expansion in the 1960's more houses were constructed in the northern semi-rural holdings today known as Akasia. This suburb is in the Northern part of the Gauteng city of Pretoria is a complex of suburbs called Akasia. This has been built on holdings once dedicated to agriculture and is surrounded by vast areas of land, that remain semi-rural.
The Orchard was the first suburb in Akasia and dates back to 1904. Originally developed as a township, the Dutch Reformed Church was its Centre, with the neighborhood expanding steadily around it. During the 1960’s, Pretoria saw a growth spurt as a result of industrial growth, and Akasia gradually followed the trend as more people flooded into what is today known as Tshwane. When the Roslyn Industrial Complex was built in the following decade, Akasia surged, becoming a key Area for the workers and their families!
Many of the rural Agricultural Holdings were turned into lovely Resiential spots and the neighborhood was scattered with trees and verdant areas. After The Orchards, new neighborhoods were developed. These included: Amandasig; Chantelle; Flourana; and Theresapark. Today, there are tens of thousands of inhabitants living here, and the facilities and amenities to cater to these ones. Indeed, the entire area of Akasia has become less of a sleepy industrial town and more of a buzzing city.
The Wonder Park Shopping Centre is a hub of activity for the residents as well as for visitors who want to catch up on some well-deserved retail therapy. There are also two top-notch golf courses in Akasia. These are the Hillside Golf Course (Nina Park) and the Thornbrook Golf Estate (Theresapark). Those wanting to go out on the Town at Night can pay a visit to the News Café in Karen Park, or the Gaabo Motho Party Lodge in Amandasig.

-25° 44' 24", 28° 13' 12"

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