The Region was established on 7 January 1814 by Sir John Craddock, In 1811, he was appointed Governor of the Cape Colony and commander of the forces on that station, resigning in 1814 and being succeeded by Lord Charles Somerset. He was promoted full General in 1814, elevated to the Peerage of Ireland as Baron Howden in 1819, and to the Peerage of the United Kingdom under the same title in 1831.

The Town of Cradock in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, is named after him. Albany was named in honour of the Duke of York after he had recovered it in 1814. Formerly this was the Suurveld. (Some Inqua had sought shelter in the South around the Suurveld- seasonal sour Grassland North of later Port Elizabeth. This was after, the Dutch East India Company expedited the Camdeboo Region in 1752, and declared it empty of people!)

25° 20' 38.4", -33° 6' 7.2"

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