Declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation on 4 January 1963. Greenwood Primary School had its origin in the Albert Jackson Primary School which first opened its doors on 26 January 1942 on the corner of Pearson Street and Belmont Terrace overlooking the Donkin Reserve. Our beautiful, three storey Building was erected amongst the magnificent old trees which have weathered many storms over the years. The School was named GREENWOOD PRIMARY SCHOOL and the pupils moved into the School Building on 11 July 1973. The school's Founders Day is held on 8 September each year to coincide with the laying of the foundation stone on 8 September 1972. A Founders Day ceremony is held each year. The School is rich in tradition and has a History of fine academic progress with high standards being maintained. We do not, however, rest on our laurels and ensure that we keep up with the modern educational techniques and ideas that are demanded by today's society. Set amongst well-established trees in a Suburb steeped in History, the School was renamed Greenwood Primary School in recognition of its beautiful surroundings!
The first pupils were welcomed into the main three-storey Building on 11 July, 1973, and every year, the school’s Founder’s Day is celebrated on 8 September to commemorate the laying of the foundation stone in 1972.
Greenwood Primary School is rich in tradition and continues to uphold its History of fine academic progress and high standards. The staff and management are also committed to staying in touch with, and implementing, modern Educational techniques and ideas to ensure its learners receive a globally relevant Educational foundation. Greenwood Primary strives to guide the way for its pupils, fulfilling every aspect of its ethos and motto, FIAT LUX - Let there be light.

25° 36' 28.8", -33° 58' 4.8"