The little Village of Ashton is famous for its; Fruit, Wine and Rose Nurseries. Ashton originally served as a Settlement Area for the Employees of one of the largest Factory Co-Operatives in the Southern Hemisphere, which produces: "Canned Fruit, Jams and Vegetables". Today, Ashton is one of the towns on Route 62 - the shorter more Scenic alternative to the N2 highway that is fast earning a reputation as the World’s longest Wine Route - and is one of the main Wine-Producing Towns on the Robertson Wine Route. The Valley has minimal Rainfall and fairly harsh Weather Conditions that include hot, dry days and cold nights - perfect for the lime-rich Soil of the Region, to yield some World-Class and unique tasting Wines. Ashton Cellars, then head for the Wine Boutique is on Main Street in Ashton, where you can experience for yourself this wine, by doing some wine-tasting!
To enjoy the views of this beautiful part of the World, follow road markers to the Panoramic Vista Viewpoint, just outside of Town. Or you can attempt one of the day walks, in the surrounding foothills of Ashton and see some fine examples of local fynbos. For the more Adventurous, Cogmans Kloof is just 2 km out of Ashton and offers fairly daunting rock climbing opportunities, for the more experienced!

-33° 49' 30", 20° 2' 49.2"