This spectacular Kloof (which is part of the R332 route) links the Western section of the Baavianskloof with the higher Karoo hinterland, and more specifically, the Towns of: Willowmore and Uniondale, (which are standard places to refuel before ascending the Baavianskloof Pass).

The Pass needs to be driven slowly to best appreciate its dramatic, unique geology. This is a big Pass and that involves multiple River crossings - none of which are conventionally Bridged. (Should you find the first two crossings difficult or the current too strong, rather turn back, as conditions get much worse the further down the Kloof you proceed!)

The Pass contains 41 bends, corners and curves within its length, which includes 1 full horseshoe bend and 10 other bends in excess of 100 degrees. The gradients are generally fairly easy and never exceed 1:12, but the road surface can vary between quite good (the road had just been graded on the day of filming) to badly corrugated and rutted and the road is also frequently damaged by floodwaters, so make your way too cross, at the river crossings.

-33° 34' 51.6288", 23° 44' 38.4"