This interactive Museum is a tribute to the spirit of defiance against the Durban System, which led to evictions, riots and dissent in the Cato Manor area for decades. The Museum is a collection of photographs, artworks and other media that document the Areas turbulent History.

Cato Manor, a Township boasting a unique multi-cultural Community, Informal Settlements and various Religious Sites, is perhaps best known for its dramatic History of forced removals. Through large black and white prints, the Cato Manor Heritage Centre vividly exhibits the stark realities of evictions, rebellion, riots and suppression.
A focus on the ‘Durban System’, which was administered and implemented by city officials, links themes explored at the Cato Manor Heritage Centre to the KwaMuhle Museum in Ordnance Road, providing visitors with an ideal opportunity to explore the city’s history by visiting both museums and then by traveling through the area also referred to as ‘Umkumbane’ by locals.
30° 58' 8.4", -29° 51' 46.8"