The Little Karoo Village of De Rust, lying in the crook of a bend in the road somewhere between the Feather Capital of Oudtshoorn and the fold Mountains of Meiringspoort was once, a one-horse Town! Established in the 1900's. In recent Years, you’re more likely to find donkeys though in De Rust. Taking tourists for a ride around the Village for R 20 a throw. De Rust has won a ‘Small Town’ Awards, sells its stately Homes, at a 'goodly price' and welcomes all sorts of City, 'runaways'. The Locals are predominately Female, Coloured People, who speak Afrikaans!
If you’re looking for Artworks, De Rust is the kind of Country Village where Painters and Sculptors and Purveyors,(a person who sells or deals in particular goods, of fine furniture gather and display their wares).
Travelers on weekend breaks from Cape Town like to come as far as De Rust. Others arriving from the Hinterland on a trip to the Little Karoo, make the Village their first or last stop- As a result, all sorts of Restaurants and Accommodations, have sprung up to cater for the flow of Visitors.
And even though it’s so small, De Rust is a surprisingly convenient, Travel Base. From here you can do all manner of Day Trips to places like Prince Albert, Oudtshoorn, the Cango Caves, Klaarstroom and beyond.

22° 30' 32.4", -33° 29' 20.4"