Dessenhoek forms a Community of Durban, towards the Pinetown Area. In a continual effort to improve the lives of those around them, Gelvenor once again gave back to the Community with a generous donation. After witnessing the poor condition of the Church and Clinic in the Dassenhoek Community, Peter Rasmussen from 'City Hope Nation Changers' – a City Hill Church program – initiated the project and began to look for partners who would assist him in offering much needed support to the Community. “They are doing amazing work in the Dassenhoek Community and after seeing their Facility and the challenges they face I knew something needed to be done,” said Rasmussen.
Peter reached out to Companies in the Area and Gelvenor answered the call to provide a solution. The project saw Gelvenor donate 200 metres of fabric to the' Tshelimnyama Dassenhoek Community' to be used as a Clinic and social/education Centre. Gelvenor CEO Dicky Coetzee said, “Our business has been evolving in South Africa since 1965 and we recognize that community involvement has to be part of what you do. We feel privileged that we can be a part of this”. Having seen his project come to fruition and realizing the inevitable impact it will have on the Community, Rasmussen openly showed his gratitude to the Gelvenor team. “I want to say to' Gelvenor Textiles', thank you for this incredible blessing to the community. This is a wonderful outcome to the journey we have walked together,” concluded Rasmussen.

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