The Doring River is situated in the Northwestern Cederberg and has its origin the majestic Hex River Mountains towards the northeast of one of the most fertile areas in South Africa, named after the goddess of agriculture, Ceres. It winds its way through the Cederberg Mountains, where it joins with the Olifants River at Klawer. This seasonal river is fed by the pounding rains that hit the Western Cape during winter and rates as one of the of the Cape's white water rivers boasting grade two and three rapids. Apart from its uses for irrigation in the Clanwilliam area, the river is also home to a number of recreational activities, probably the most popular of which is white water rafting. There are a few different companies which offer rafting experiences on the Doring River, most suggesting a minimum age of 13 due to the rapid grading. Other activities include swimming, paddling, hiking, and fly-fishing in season.
Flowing through beautiful mini-canyons in the Cederberg, this section is a favourite multi-day trip for both private trippers and commercial rafters. It is often referred to as the Cape’s Tugela, as it provides excellent big water after good rains in the Ceres area. The river cuts through the Great Karoo, providing life to the barren landscape. Doring River offers white water rafting adventures from mid-June to September, on the river that winds through the Cederberg. Arrive the night before rafting and awake after the warm hospitality of a fireside meal, to an adventure you’ll never forget! By 08h00 you and your equipment will be transported to the starting point, where river guides will instruct you on the basics of river rafting. The group will continue down the river with their appointed and experienced guides until nightfall, when a tented camp and a hot meal await. Unwind under the clear African skies and listen to the water rushing. Make new friends and share campfire stories while drinking in the beauty of the night out in ‘the wild’. On day two, you’ll be more confident, and will enjoy stopping for lunch and refreshments along the way. The fun all comes to an end by the late afternoon, but you’ll leave with an ocean of memories. Remember to ask Wild Thing adventures for a checklist for all the essentials you’ll need to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Don’t forget the sun block!

18° 11' 31.2", -31° 4' 4.8"