Fort Beaufort is situated in the Eastern Cape Province. The town is surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges and it is known for it's infamous Citrus Farming. Fort Beaufort is a short way away from Hogsback, Grahamstown, Fort Hare University, East London and Port Elizabeth

Fort Beaufort was founded in 1822, when a frontier post was established by Lt. Col Scott. The British army occupied Fort Beaufort until 1870. The Historical Museum, Military Museum and Martello Tower attest to the Town's military past and had a population of 25,668 in 2011. The town was established in 1837 and became a municipality in 1883.
The Martello Tower in Fort Beaufort is a little garrison dating back to the nineteenth century during the Napoleonic Wars. Many Martello’s were built in several different countries, with two of them being in South Africa. The Fort Beaufort Martello is the only one in the world that was not built near the sea. Usually a Martello tower has two levels and is about 12 meters high and consists of a battalion with an officer and 15 to 25 men. This round structure was made of think stone walls with a flat topped roof with space for artillery that had 360 degrees movement in order to protect the fort.
Martello’s became outdated when powerful rifles weaponry came into use. In Fort Beaufort, The Martello was flanked by another building which has now become a museum displaying military items and exhibiting a wealth of history.
Fort Fordyce Nature Reserve, just 25 kilometers from Fort Beaufort, between the town and Adelaide - has as its main purpose the conservation and protection of the scarce Dohne Sourveld, the surrounding Afro-Montana forests and the biodiversity of the area. It is a wonderful place to visit if you’re even vaguely a horse lover or rider. All of your nature and game viewing can be done on horseback, including guided tuition from some very knowledgeable horse handlers, so if you weren’t a horse rider before, you will certainly know more about horses once you leave. The reserve is also a wonderful base for hiking and bass fishing is very popular.
This is a fascinating place to visit with lots to see and discover and will make for a great day out.

26° 32' 56.4", -32° 43' 41.52"
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