Hondeklipbaai is a small fishing community along the coast of Namaqualand. The Village was original to export copper in Namaqualand. Simon Van der Stel, the governor of the Cape, discovered copper in Namaqualand. As early as 1852 the first copper was shipped by the “Bosphorus” to Wales. Hondeklip was the Port for copper shipping to the United Kingdom! The Town never developed, as it was too far from the Springbok Magistrate! The small Village or Harbour point never seem to be able to expand. The semi-desert environment and limited water resources have strained Hondeklipbaai from any substantial growth. After the copper rush in 1925, Hondeklipbaai built a crayfish Factory and started exporting crayfish. The local fishing communities are still living a simple and traditional lifestyle! Today Hondeklipbaai is a small community with a population of 300. The local fisherman still makes a struggling existence from the sea. There are some prospecting diamond concession holders in Hondeklipbaai. It is a traditional West Coast community that lies next to the newly proclaimed Namaqua National Park. It is an excellent escape from the bustling lifestyles of our cities. Hondeklip is the perfect place to visit for travelers that enjoy minimalism and traditional communities. Hondeklipbaai has some of the best Beaches in Southern Africa. Hondeklip is the Paternoster of Namaqualand, but 40 years back in time!

17° 16' 30", -30° 19' 30"