Houghton is an extremely wealthy Suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. In fact, one of the most famous residents of Houghton was Nelson Mandela, who owned a home there. Besides Nelson Mandela’s home, upper Houghton contains many Buildings and houses of Historical value, to Johannesburg. One of these buildings includes the King Edwards VII School for Boys which is located just off of the Munro Drive. This exquisite school boasts a long cultural and Historical Heritage and is over 100 years old! Another favourite tourist spot is Munro Drive, which offers spectacular views over the Northern Suburbs, of Johannesburg. The Suburb of Houghton is currently experiencing rapid redevelopment and growth. This redevelopment is sanctioned by the City of Johannesburg's Regional Spatial Development Framework. The City sees many positive aspects to the redevelopment as well as continuous growth. Houghton boasts plenty of lavish upper class homes and a few tall residential buildings. It is a quiet suburb where people enjoy their idyllic surroundings. Houghton is home to a spectacular golf course boasting large, undulating and green hills as well as lush foliage. The amenities here are superb. One can snack at the bar, enjoy a gastronomic meal at their Restaurant or enjoy a challenging round of golf.

28° 2' 38.4", -26° 9' 50.4"