Established a few Decades ago, Jacobsbaai is a tranquil getaway between Vredenburg and Saldanha Bay. Home to a small community. Jacobsbaai was originally founded as a small Town on the Farmland registered as; '109 Jacobsbaai'. The name is said to have evolved from the Frenchman Jacques Titius. He was a Colonial Trader in the West Coast. Tietiesbaai is also named after him and Jacobsbaai has a street called Titius. Another explanation for the name is that the English king entrusted the piece of land to a local known as ‘Jacob.’ During the early 1800's a company called “ Stefan Bros” conducted trade along the West Coast and when this local farmer became indebted to them they took over his Farm on a 99 year lease holding basis as a way to pay off his debts. There was also a more sinister reason for the company to take over Farms along the coastline. In those days properties along the coastline had landing rights owned by the leaseholder and by controlling the landing rights other merchants could be stopped from entering the Area from the sea. The land where Jacobsbaai is located must have changed hands on a number of occasions over the years , but in 1984 it came into the possession of Nic Tredoux, well known in the advertising and copywriting industry. He was also a writer of many Afrikaans books and a Poet of note! Nic Tredoux started the original development of Jacobsbaai on his land using his own private funds but when his health started fading he went into partnership with a Private Company. The Town is known for its traditional West Coast building style of whitewashed cottages, some using local rock, as well as its abundant fish and crayfish (lobster). Most of the roads of the quiet little Town are gravel, adding to a relaxed holiday mood. Strict building restrictions in the Town have preserved the breathtaking two kilometers of coastline, boasting seven individual bays and lime washed Houses against an azure blue sea. The natural fynbos surrounding Jacobsbaai supports a variety of wildlife, including jackal, duiker, steenbok and tortoise. The Area is popular for birding, and species include buzzards, kites and eagles.
Some must-sees in the area include the Rocherpan Nature Reserve near Velddrift, Cape Columbine Nature Reserve and the Columbine Lighthouse at Paternoster, the West Coast National Park and the Fossil Park at Langebaan - all offering an insight in the natural History of this Area!

17° 52' 8.4", -32° 58' 19.2"