James Pearce Park is situated in the Suburb of, Stirling. It is a recreational park offering tennis courts and wide open spaces for families to picnic, ride bicycles and walk their dogs. James Pearce Park is next to Nahoon and is located in Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality, Eastern Cape, South Africa. James Pearce Park has a length of 0.88 kilometres.
From family outdoor picnics, kiddies playdates and parties, to weight training, exercising and photographic shoots – it is all happening these days at James Pearce Park and East Londoners are loving it!
This once extremely popular family friendly park experienced a marked decline in the last decade, attracting the ‘party crowd’ who displayed undesirable and sometimes criminal behaviour such as prostitution, drugs and in a number of cases, sexual assault/rape, resulting in the surrounding community avoiding this public green space for safety reasons. Part of BCM’s Integrated Development Plan and driven and by the local Ward Councillor and the community, James Pearce Park has seen the introduction of security fencing, as well as the appointment of a security company that have 2 security guards situated at the entrance to the park. Alcohol has been banned from the park and the security guards record the details of all who enter the park, and check the vehicles for alcohol. This has gone a long way to deterring the undesirable elements, removing the alcohol bottles and associated litter, once again making it a safe place for the East London community to visit. The installation of 4 pieces of outdoor weight training equipment (the other 9 pieces are under tender for installation), and outdoor kiddies play equipment has once again reinstated this green space as a desirable family destination. Runners, exercise enthusiasts, families and the general public are once again returning to this space, and the city is much richer for it. James Pearce Park … why not give it a visit next time you are in the area? The park is now open daily from 7am – 5pm, and only club members with stickers are allowed to enter after 5pm.

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