The Cape government established the settlement of Kamastone in the Queenstown area, in 1854. In 1874 the government received complaints from Black residents that squatters had taken up residency and it was decided that people who were living there had to be given titles of ownership to prove that they legitimately owned the land they were living on. The area was divided into 8 sub-locations, of which Bulhoek was one. Although the land was still the property of the British Crown it was surveyed into usable lots, building lots and a commonly owned area for the use of the people. The Bulhoek area was commonly owned and, according to the Native Locations Act of 1884, was not to be used for building or squatting and was not allowed to be damaged. Enoch Mgijima, who was the leader of 500 followers, known as the 'Israelites', was one of the title holders at Bulhoek. 

26° 38' 27.6", -32° 3' 46.8"