At Klein Roosboom the elements combine in perfect harmony to create the enviable conditions that make their wines so special. The uniqueness allows each grape variety to be grown in the locale climatic conditions that suit it best. The south-facing slopes are suited to Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. The wines happily lodge their roots into rich Hutton, Oakleaf and Clovelly soils, extracting nourishment from the earth. As the fresh Atlantic breeze cools the vineyards, the crisp Cape air shapes the flavours of the grapes, and in turn, the quality of the wines. They also receive an average annual rainfall of between 400 and 650mm, allowing the farmlands to flourish and thrive. They invite you to discover a piece of heaven that they have bottled on earth. Taste the terroir, feel the delicate sea breeze and share their endless passion. Whether it’s amongst the vineyards at Jéan Restaurant or relaxing inside an old concrete wine tank (we call them ‘caves’) in the Wine Tasting Room, they invite you with open arms to live a little, have fun, and make memories on the farm. As a boutique winery, it is not easy to find their wines anywhere else. Take the trip over the rolling hills of the Durbanville Wine Valley and pay them a visit. They’ll make your excursion worth your while as you explore the unique wine tasting room or indulge in the delightfully delectable dishes at 'Jéan Restaurant'.

18° 34' 19.2", -33° 49' 12"