The rather little Village of Kranskop lies just 36km North East of Greytown in the Midlands of KwaZulu Natal. In Afrikaans a 'kop' means a 'Peak' and because rests in the shadow of a rocky ridge that is undoubtedly the reason for its name change from the original 'Hopetown'. Kranskop's rocky escarpment is something of a landmark, a feature of the landscape, towering 1175 metres over the Valley below. The Village may have been here since 1894, the sandstone outcrop with its two openings has been an integral part of Zulu local folklore for far longer. Tales involve; cannibals who were said to have the power to open the mountain and coax passers-by inside. The Zulu name for it is aptly 'Ntunjambili' – rock with two holes.

Kranskop features on: 'The Amble'; a route that principally follows Route 33 from Pietermaritzburg through the North East Midlands. But which also stretches to incorporate little towns like; Harburg, Ashburton, Wartburg, Claridge and Dalton.

From Battlefield sites of the Anglo-Boer War to historical churches, outdoor wilderness, waterfalls and birding sites, The Amble includes a series of activities, wildlife and History.

30° 51' 21.6", -28° 58' 4.8"