Originally named after the wife of; Sir Henry Bartle Frere, the then Governor of the Cape, Lady Frere serves as the centre for the Glen Grey farming district. Lady Frere is situated in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa about 47 km's from Queenstown and 50 km's from Dordrecht.
Interesting San Rock sites in and around Lady Frere include:
1) Dubeni San Rock Art Site: The Dubeni rock art site is situated approximately 50 km South-West of the Town in a lovely scenic setting above a waterfall and features, two paintings of mostly eland buck.
2) Cumakala San rock Art Site: This rock art site is situated in a Cave on a Hill, called Kukere, about 4 km from the Yona Secondary School and about 11 km North-West of Lady Frere. The paintings depict eland with San hunters and other figures. Contact the Emalahleni District Municipality for more information or a guide.
3) Esikhwangeni San Rock Art Site: The site lies approximately 22 km South of Cacadu (Lady Frere) at Esweni, a few metres above the Cacadu River. This very interesting rock art site features what looks like a camel, a bull and a man riding a horse.
4) KuDlaliwe San Rock Art Site: KuDlaliwe has two Rock Art Sites at KuBengu Village, near the Nogogo River and approximately 76 km East of Lady Frere on the route to Qamata Great Place. The paintings cover a 20-m-long rock shelf and are very well preserved.
5) Qolombeni San rock art site: This site is situated in a cave near Lamuni Village, 25 km from Lady Frere on the route to Indwe. The rock art site consists of a 30-m fresco of paintings. Viewing by appointment only. Contact the Emalahleni District Municipality for more information.
Historical buildings include; The Dutch Reformed, Anglican and Methodist Churches and old Prison Building offer visitors a glimpse of the Building styles of yester-year.
Glen Grey Falls: The impressive, 400-m-high Glen Grey Falls are worth a visit.

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