Machadodorp is a small town situated above the escarpment in South Africa’s Mpumalanga province, with the world famous Elands River running through the town. There is a natural radioactive spring here and is reputed to have powerful healing qualities and is quite a magical place.
Accommodation options in Machadodorp are comfortable and perfectly adequate. Ranging from farm cottages such as Misty Valley Lodge to self catering cottages. They are warm and welcoming and close to many of the attractions, and seeing that you will be spending the majority of your time out exploring they serve their purpose to provide you with a pleasant nights sleep. Following the success of the Laerskool Machado Potjiekos Competitions in previous years, the village has set up a Festival around the competition to highlight the charms of the quaint historical village and the beauty of the surrounding countryside - and of course the great Potjiekos!
Machadodorp is a wonderful destination for a weekend break away - being close to Johannesburg and Pretoria, and is also a highly popular fly fishing destination. The hub of the Festival is at the Machadodorp Fly Fishing Park and Campsite where the Potjiekos and Fly Fishing Competitions are held, along with the Market which keep visitors and tourists occupied for hours.
There are many Machadodorp accommodation establishments available in Lydenburg and all are of a very high quality. From bed and breakfast accommodation to backpacking and camping areas - you are truly spoilt for choice and guaranteed a delightful stay in Machadodorp.
Like most of the towns in this area, the key to Machadodorp’s popularity and success is its natural beauty and quaint nature. Fly fishing is a big attraction and the town caters well to visitors of all kinds regardless of the reason for stopping by and will leave a warm spot in your heart for them by the time you leave.
"Machadodorp doesn't in fact have much, it has a lot of history and would interest those who are looking at having a quiet day out in "nowhere". Preferably come with your own food, a few you can buy locally but the bulk come with. The people are nice and the atmosphere peaceful."

30° 13' 51.6", -25° 40' 26.4"