The railway line from Cape Town reached Maitland on 13 February 1862. The 1891 census indicated that Maitland had a population of 2,035. By 1904, this number had risen to 5,071.

 Maitland is situated in the middle of a number of important transport networks, connecting Cape Town, City bowl to the rest of the City. The most important being the railway line that runs through the middle of this Suburb and the N1 that is situated on its Northern boundary. The Area has always been an important transport hub for the City.

In 1845 one of the first roads from Stellenbosch through the Maitland area was completed, this ultimately connected Cape Town to the rest of Africa, because the dunes of the Cape Flats prevented traffic between the two locations.

It now has a population of about 10 000 people, made up mostly of Black African and Coloured, census 2011. It is now becoming a very chic area to live, because of its proximity to the City and the ease of access to travel to other parts of Cape Town!  Maitland is not only known for the largest Cemetery in the Cape Province, but its large Crematorium too! 

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